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RENITHERM® fire protection coatings save buildings, properties and lives

Based on more than 30 years of experience in the field of construction chemicals, AUDAX specializes in individual solutions for the building industry. In March 2016 AUDAX-Keck GmbH merged with Rudolf Hensel GmbH. The aim of the merger is to use current synergies to the benefit of their customers. Under the brand name RENITHERM® innovative fire protection coatings for indoor and outdoor use on structural steel, tested according to British Standard BS476 : Part 21 are offered. Fire protection coatings for concrete, wood, electrical cables and joints are also available.

The merger with Hensel provides access to RENITHERM®, HENSOTHERM® and HENSOMASTIK® fire protection coatings and will therefore benefit from both companies’ decades of experience and in full compliance of EN ISO 9001 standard.

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