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Selection of References

RENITHERM® Fire Protection Coating Systems are used all over the world to save lives and preserve objects in the event of a fire.

Under the influence of heat, steel starts to lose its stability already after a few minutes and becomes a danger for persons and objects. RENITHERM® Fire Protection Coating Systems prevent excessively fast material fatigue of steel to give the people in the building enough time to rescue themselves.

RENITHERM® is used all over the world, primarily in large-scale projects, such as commercial buildings, industrial plants, shopping malls, refineries, airports, trade exhibition buildings and power plants.

For more examples, please refer to our reference projects brochure for download.

Download | Reference brochure
Dubai mall

Dubai Mall



Mall of Emirates

Mall of Emirates

General Electric

General Electric, Rio de Janeiro

Mega Mall

Mega Mall Romania


Ski hall

Taipei Museum

New Taipei City Art Museum, Taipei

Further references:

– Fubon A25, Taipei
– The Shanghai Commercial & Savings Bank, Taipei
– Evergreen International Storage & Transport Co., Taoyuan

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